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Margaret as a teenager at her family home in Barton, Wisconsin

One of the most difficult parts of dusting off from the departure of a loved one is the reminder from the physical remnants collected over a lifetime.  Now that mom has moved on those left spend time sorting through boxes of things.

Mom was very good at cataloging her life and the lives of those around her.  Many of the family photos have handwritten notes with a brief description of the event.  We are thankful because they bring into clear focus an otherwise blurry moment in time.  People we vaguely remember now have their identity restored.

I found a handwritten envelope decorated with a child’s impressionist drawing of flowers given to her with love on an undated Mother’s Day.  Inside were three unused coupons. The gift of self that kids sometimes give to their parents out of economic necessity.

Unused Mother's Day coupons

I’m not sure if she used the other coupons or held them all to redeem later.  I do know these and other mile markers of her life were important to her.  They have now been re-gifted in a way.  Mom valued life, loved those around her and cared deeply for us in many ways.  Her treasures keep the door of her life open.